Wellbeing Game night

The Wellbeing Game Night, skillfully organized by our moderators , proved to be a refreshing break for students. Breaking the monotony with an array of engaging activities, the event seamlessly introduced mental wellness in a light-hearted and enjoyable manner. Through introspective challenges like the Wheel of Life and dynamic games such as Toss the Ring and Grab Your Gift, attendees experienced a unique blend of fun and self-reflection. This innovative approach not only entertained but also contributed to breaking down barriers surrounding mental health in a community-oriented setting. The night served as a meaningful reminder that fostering mental wellness can be as enjoyable as it is essential.

Farewell of Counsellors

The farewell of two esteemed counselors at IIT Jodhpur was an emotional yet celebratory event that echoed with gratitude and reminiscence. Amidst the adorned auditorium, adorned with hues of nostalgia and cheer, colleagues, students, and staff gathered to bid adieu to these mentors who had sculpted countless futures with their wisdom and guidance. The speeches resonated with anecdotes of their profound impact, wisdom, and unwavering support that had touched the lives of many. As the evening unfolded with heartfelt messages, laughter, and a tinge of bittersweet emotions, it was a poignant reminder of the indelible legacy they leave behind, inspiring a new chapter of growth and learning for both the institution and the students.

Student Team Training

On World Suicide Prevention Day, the dedicated counselors at IIT Jodhpur took a proactive stance in addressing the mental health challenges faced by undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) students on campus. They organized a unique and impactful activity aimed at raising awareness and promoting empathy among the student community. Through powerful enactments and role plays, the counselors vividly portrayed various mental health issues commonly encountered by students, shedding light on the struggles and emotions that often remain hidden. This activity allowed students to step into the shoes of those grappling with mental health challenges, fostering understanding and compassion. It not only highlighted the importance of seeking help when needed but also emphasized the significance of a supportive and stigma-free environment. The event was a significant step in breaking down the barriers surrounding mental health conversations and promoting a culture of well-being within the IIT Jodhpur community.

Harmony on Campus: Striking the College Life Balance, 11 August 2023

Extending the informal orientation initiative, a seminar named " Harmony on Campus: Striking the College Life Balance" was organised. This seminar aimed to address the various difficulties encountered when transitioning through different phases of college life. Mr Akash Vishwakarma (Clinical Psychologist) shared six pivotal concepts for attendees to retain and apply. The Undergraduate (UG) team ensured the event's seamless coordination. Enthusiastic UG students actively engaged in the seminar and displayed their involvement throughout the session. The seminar spanned 60 minutes and culminated with an interactive Question and Answer segment, allowing participants to seek clarification and additional insights. Some stayed back to appreciate the points raised during the session.

Why/Which Relationships Matter? Personal and Professional, 10 August 2023

Upon entering a residential campus, for some this being the first time away from home, there are certain challenges and questions regarding which relationships to form, healthy and unhealthy connections, and reaching mutual understanding. This Orientation attempted to address some of these common concerns regarding both personal and professional relationships. Ms. Anannya opened the session by asking about significant relationships in the participants’ lives, and inviting them to share their experiences. Some case vignettes served as prompts for the audience’s responses. Further to this, Dr. Anjali led the students into a letter-writing exercise to reflect upon a significant relationship in the life of each. After debriefing about this exercise, the participants were encouraged to reflect upon some other important but non-human connections as well.

Communication Etiquette, 07 August 2023

With UG students transitioning from school to a residential campus, many are experiencing independent living away from home for the first time and facing challenges around the same. Facilitated by Ms.Anannya Sharma and Ms.Nabeelah Siddiqui, an engaging session on “Communication Etiquettes was conducted as a part of the UG orientation program. The session began by inviting students to share their initial understanding of communication etiquettes. Real-life scenarios, presented through case vignettes, prompted students to think critically about appropriate behavior and communication in various settings. The session emphasized the differentiation between personal and campus life communication, with a significant focus on email etiquette.The aim was to equip them with ways to communicate effectively with peers, faculty, and staff while fostering professionalism and decorum within the campus community.

Engaging With Elegance, 08 August 2023

An interactive session titled "Engaging with Elegance" was conducted on 8th August,2023 as a part of the PG orientation program for students at IIT jodhpur. The session was aimed at fostering a deeper understanding of communication dynamics, within the residential campus environment and beyond. Facilitated by Ms. Nabeelah Siddiqui and Ms. Anjana Sunil, the session seamlessly integrated interactive role plays and engaging activities to talk about communication etiquettes in the campus. Discussions were centered on vital aspects such as body language, feedback exchange, assertiveness, e-mail etiquettes, respecting the staff (teaching & non-teaching), and stimulating positive interactions within the campus community. Students were curious and took initiative as they shared their challenges and discussed effective strategies for the same. By creating an environment of active participation and learning through fun, the session not only equipped students with valuable skills but also promoted a supportive atmosphere, enabling them to express themselves confidently and navigate various social scenarios with finesse.

Campus Life Challenges & Healthy Boundaries, 29 July 2023

Post the official orientation of the newly joined PG and PhD students on 26th July 2023, this was the first formal event organized by the SWC. The session was conducted by Ms. Anannya Sharma & Ms. Anjana Sunil with insightful inputs from Dr. Anjali and the entire counselling team. The event was ably supported by the PG Students Team. Through this session, the wellbeing team was able to hold a safe space for the students to open up about the challenges and concerns that they are facing in the campus, and also guide them with the possible ways to overcome those challenges. The session was quite interactive and lively. Students were able to connect and relate with each other’s experiences. Different case vignettes of the possible campus life challenges were presented to the students in the form of a game which were followed by some fun discussions.

Meditation with Music

The students who attended the meditation and sound therapy event organized by SWC had a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating experience. The SAVAMSM team's various healing techniques and meditation types helped the students to release their stress and anxiety, leaving them feeling refreshed and energized. Overall, the event was well-received by the students and served as a helpful tool for their mental well-being.

World Mental Health Day

The World Mental Health Day event organized by the SWC provided an excellent opportunity for IITJ students to break the stigma related to mental health. Students were asked to pass on the Green Ribbon to other members as a symbol of support and awareness. This initiative encouraged students to start a dialogue regarding mental health and illness, and share their warm and kind words. It was heartening to see the students filling up blank sheets with messages of hope, support, and encouragement. The event was successful in creating a safe and supportive environment for students to express their thoughts and feelings regarding mental health, and it was an important step toward promoting mental well-being on campus.

Burn your own Ravana

The event organized by the SWC proved to be a cathartic experience for the students, as it gave them a platform to share their stressors and negative experiences. The symbolic activity of burning the negative energies inside of us helped them collectively incinerate all the unpleasant experiences, leaving them feeling lighter and more positive. The venue, Ground Front of LHC, provided a conducive environment for the students to come together and support each other through their struggles. Overall, the event was a success in helping the students deal with their emotional baggage and promoting a sense of community and healing.

Balancing Acts: Conquering College Challenges and Mastering Time

In a captivating session titled "Balancing Acts: Conquering College Challenges and Mastering Time," a group of undergraduate students came together to address the crucial topic of time management in their college lives. With enthusiasm and candor, the students shared their experiences, highlighting the struggles they faced in achieving academic excellence while pursuing their other life goals.This session aimed to shed light on these challenges and equip students with practical strategies to thrive in their academic journey, while staying true to their broader aspirations.


To commemorate the International Day of Yoga (21st June 2023), a spontaneous Yog activity was demonstrated by Mr Akash Vishwakarma. A short yoga protocol “Yoga Break @Workplace” module was taken, which is developed by Dr. Ishwar V Basavaraddi (Director, Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga, New Delhi) and others. The activity which was used in this was 1- Tadasana & Urdhva-hasttotanasana, 2- Uttana-Mandukasana, Shoulder Rotation, 3- Kati Chakrasana. The activity took place in PHC waiting Hall, and all the PHC staff actively participated.


As directed by the Ministry of Education to organize various events during "Nasha Mukt Bharat Pakhwada", the Counseling Team, under the Student Wellbeing Committee of IIT Jodhpur conducted a Webinar to promote awareness about drugs and their related impact on the body, mind and overall social lifestyle.

Connecto Patronum

An event which utilized the unique architecture of AirMeet. In an Airmeet, there are many tables (breakout rooms) and anyone can join any table to have a conversation with the people already sitting at the table. This is to promote conversations and encourage students to talk about their problems, interests and their lives with their peers. An initiative to encourage students to make interactions with others by helping them to share more and work on their growth.

Interactive sessions with UG team and new students

Interactive sessions were organized to discuss the experiences or challenges faced by the students. A discussion to help each other and come up with the solutions to overcome challenges.

Building Meaningful Relationships During College Life

Workshop and orientation was organized by YourDost to introduce students with the platform and how accessible it can be in their daily lives. Speaking to a counselor and seeking out professional help by sitting in the comfort of their room. YourDost platform is providing professional help to students via text messages, video calling or voice calling. Students can sign-up at the portal at any time of their requirement and access the facility.

During the second day of their orientation, Ms. Jyotsna Sodhi, Counseling Psychologist, YourDost was present throughout the day. She took a workshop on maintaining meaningful relationships, she spoke about setting the tone and staying aware about the red flags while being part of the relationship. Later, she was available for the individual counseling sessions. Students did sign up for the individual sessions with her.

CommuniFun: Cracking the Code of Engaging Communication

In the interactive meeting with the students titled "CommuniFun," students enthusiastically participated and shared their challenges when it comes to initiating conversations with colleagues or effectively expressing their emotions on specific topics. The session aimed to provide practical solutions and enhance their communication skills. To make the learning experience enjoyable, various fun games were incorporated, enabling students to grasp the fundamental concepts of effective communication. By fostering a supportive and engaging environment, participants gained valuable insights into overcoming communication barriers and expressing themselves confidently

PG Orientation 2023

The PG Orientation program organized by the SWC PG team at IIT Jodhpur was a great opportunity for the newly admitted students to understand the culture and growth prospects offered by the institution. The program included briefings on various opportunities, rules, responsibilities, and the system's hierarchy, providing students with valuable insights into how the institution operates. The event featured introductory talks by Deans of various verticals, which helped students to understand the various avenues available to them for growth and development. Held in the Seminar Hall of the CSE Department, the program was a great success in ensuring that the newly admitted students were well-informed and prepared to take on the challenges and opportunities that awaited them at IIT Jodhpur.


Balancing research, coursework and personal commitments in the lives of graduate students is no easy task. Since the Ph.D. journey can, at times, feel lonely, they need to be reassured about the available support. Recognizing this need, the Counselling Team from IIT Jodhpur conducted an interactive session with Ph.D students, titled, “Lose your mind and come to your senses.” It was conducted by the Institute Counsellors (Dr. Anjali Bhatia and Mr. Akash Vishwakarma) and Wellbeing Moderator (Ms. Anannya Sharma).

Importance of Mental Wellbeing during the Pandemic

The session was organized virtually to help students to deal with the ongoing stress for dealing with uncertain life situations. Agenda of the webinar was to focus on the mental, physical and emotional well-being of the students. Tools were provided which they can use in their daily routine for a healthier and happier lifestyle.

PG Orientation

A week full of various activities for the fresh batches. Getting back on campus after almost 2yrs, and missing campus life, students seemed excited about the in-person orientation. Team organised various activities like plantation drives, mini marathons, informal sessions, interactive sessions, to introduce the batches to their seniors, campus infrastructure, and campus life. Orientation week helped the students to make themselves comfortable with the campus life and clear out their doubts about their courses, academic life, co-curricular activities. Also, there were various activities for students to showcase their talent. Students were also rewarded with the prizes later on.