Hostel/Mess FAQs

A. You can start staying in the hostel rooms just after you report to the institute on the reporting date(31st July 2023). You are not allowed to stay in the hostel rooms before the reporting date.
A.Chairs, tables and almirah will be provided. One should bring few set of FORMALS for orientation programs, shorts/track pants and a pair of sports shoes for the Compulsory Physical Activities(CPA). One can also bring a lab coat ,drafter and scientific calculator which would be useful in certain courses in the first year or buy them from the shops in our institute itself.
A.Buckets ,mugs,pillows and mattresses will be made AVAILABLE at the complex itself at reasonable prices, so there is no need to carry them. However you are advised to get bed linen, towels, alarm clock, toiletries and sanitary items and other things that you might immediately require after you get there.
A.Hostel gates remain closed from 2 AM to 5 AM. However, one is not allowed to go out of campus after 10 PM and get inside of the campus after 11 PM without due permission from the competent authority.
A.In general, the mess food is quite good. Proper quality checks are carried out frequently. Mess environment is clean and healthy & different sections are available for Veg ,Non Veg and Jain meals. We have a canteen as well as fine dining within the campus just in case the student wants something new to eat. We also have an amul parlour inside the campus.
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