The Indian Institute Of Technology Jodhpur, since its inception has played an efficacious role in enhancing the socio-cultural aspects of education in its domain. The Inter college Socio-cult fest IGNUS epitomizes the same.

Ignus witnesses the participation of numerous stalwarts in the various arenas offered. The fest gives a platform to some of the country’s best hidden and unfathomed talents. With the total footfall amounting to about 1015 thousand, Ignus has witnessed the absorbing performance of famous artists like Andrew Newton, the band Pentagram, Shilpa Rao, Javed Ali among others.

What makes Ignus different is that it coalesces all the three aspects required to be lucrative, thrilling and full of fun. The team of Ignus consists of student volunteers who work to promote creativity and intellectualism, the foundation of this festival.

The fest intends to promote social awareness about the flaring issues rampant in the nation via trademark IITJ ways like NUKKAD, stage shows, etc. As stated above, Ignus comprises of an array of cultural events, activities and competitions which keep the fest full of life and zest. Ignus has become the front runner and the benchmark for all college fests making it the most anticipated extravaganza of IITJ. It has attracted major sponsors and extensive media coverage over the years. Ignus has created an unmatched aura of science and technology spectacle at the campus of IITJ.

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Varchas is the sports fest of IIT Jodhpur organised every year in the month of February. This year it was organised from 30thOct to 2nd Nov. Varchas celebrates the spirit of sportsmanship and serves as a platform to showcase countless hours of perspiration put in by college teams to achieve excellence in sports. Varchas was first conducted in the year 2011, with a vision of promoting sports among the colleges of India, particularly Rajasthan and providing the athletes in India a platform to showcase their talent.

Competitions are held in the fields of football, cricket, table tennis, lawn tennis, badminton, squash, volleyball, basketball and athletics in national level stadiums of Jodhpur. Varchas promotes healthy competition and is a great opportunity for the teams to prove their mettle in their respective sports.

Moreover, being the educated core of the country, the students of IIT Jodhpur try to fulfil their social duties through "Soch -The Social Aspect of Varchas". Soch is a platform where we take up pertinent social issues and try to find possible solutions through discussions and debates; spread awareness and conduct drives to involve people spanning across varied backgrounds. We attempt to create a profound social impact for the amelioration of the society.

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Spandan is the intra college cultural fest of IIT Jodhpur. Usually the first fest of the session, it is participated by an enthusiastic crowd, eager to portray their talents in the cult arena. Versatility in the various categories is extensive, with competitions in fields like drama, dance, singing, literature, photography events, informals and fashion show among others. Three days of Spandan awaken the whole campus leaving them to prepare all night.

Spandan is one of the first public occasions to occur in the year and hence it also brings together students from all years to interact with each other. Participation with zeal and showing the hidden creativity tamed inside an individual is the motive of the fest.

Nimble, the intra college technical fest provides a platform to the techno buds of the college to show their hidden talent. Nimble comprises of four action packed days filled with a great variety of tech and science events ranging from intense mind boggling events such as robotics, Electronics, programming to fun filled events like angry bird, quizzes, crypto etc. Apart from the events, the talks by eminent personalities in the field of Science and Technology are organized to motivate students to work harder as there is no end to discoveries and inventions.

Prometeo is National Technical + Entrepreneurial Festival of IIT Jodhpur. Prometeo derives its name from the Greek word for forethinker, and celebrates disruptive technologies through talks, workshops, and competitions.

Technology has been the heart of the development of the human race from the very beginning and is speculated to be its heart till infinity. The theme of Prometeo 2023, “Origin to Infinity” is centered around the same thought where we explore what technology has been in the past, what it is now and what it can be in the future. This year we are going to explore the past and future of technological and entrepreneurial developments through a wide range of ideas developed and presented during the course of Prometeo '23.

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