Student Experiences

The student experience with the counselors at IIT Jodhpur was akin to discovering an oasis amidst the academic journey. Stepping into their office meant stepping into a sanctuary of understanding, empathy, and profound guidance. These counselors were more than just mentors; they became confidants, lending a patient ear to the struggles and aspirations of every student who sought their advice. Their warmth and genuine interest in each individual's growth fostered an environment of trust and comfort, allowing students to unravel their concerns without reservation. Whether it was navigating the academic rigor, grappling with personal challenges, or seeking career counsel, these counselors provided a safe space where worries were alleviated and solutions were explored collaboratively. Their impact extended far beyond mere academic counsel, leaving an enduring impression on the hearts and minds of every student they supported.

Students Reviews

  • I first met with Nabeelah Ma'am while I was struggling with academic pressure that started seeping into my personal life and created navigate through both. What stood out particularly for me, was her kindness and empathy that created a safe space problems for both. She played a pivotal role in helping me for me where I felt heard and understood. I felt that she was genuinely interested in ensuring my well being, which was evident from the fact that she would often check up on me and also that she was flexible with timings and where we could meet during her working hours. Her encouragement and advice have helped me in my journey towards balancing work and personal life. I recommend Nabeelah ma'am to anyone seeking a compassionate and nonjudgemental therapist. She's had a meaningful impact on my life, I am thankful for her help and support during my struggles with mental health.

  • I have had a great experience visiting maam. Every time, she has helped me learn ways to combat problems I have been having, by both exploring the root cause of situations and by teaching tips to manage panic and anxiety. She has thoroughly answered my questions even if they were sometimes repetitive. She has helped me through mutliple situations, and I am extremely grateful for her and the easy access to counselling services on our campus. I credit a lot of my mental peace to her, as without her intervention and efforts, this wouldn't have been possible.

  • I had a terrible mind battle and a self doubt for a little long time adapting to a whole new world. I was hesitant to approach at first, I wasn't ready to express to anyone but as my condition got worse I was compelled to reach out to someone and that's how I ended up at PHC, and gladly I found Dr. Anjali. For me she was a God sent angel, she made me feel home, she heard me when I couldn't even understand myself and she helped me find out my way. She helped me place all my problems in an Order and that's how I was able to figure out slowly.. I couldn't have asked for a better counselor other than Dr. Anjali

  • I have had a total of approximately 10 sessions with ma'am. She is a great listner. Initially I was facing a lot of issues at IIT Jodhpur, those issues are still their but I have learned to handle them with a broader perspective which was a result of my sessions with ma'am

  • When I first met Nabellah ma'am I was a bit confused with my own decision of leaving my job and taking admission into MTech but she changed my point of view for not getting to hard on myself, she told me that I shouldn't worried about the things that aren't within my control, I should rather focus on trying to control stuffs that are within my control and we should do absolutely that Fear is something that limits our possibilities. She explained me this in a most intrinsic way.. She told me to take charge of things that are within my control. She asked me to connect the dots that are left behind and appreciate our small progress.. My way of perceiving situations and circumstances of life changed when I met her Thanking her once again for being such a wonderful person, soul and an amazing counsellor

  • I was at a very low point of my life when I approached my counsellor (Ananya Sharma). But after every session I got better as I followed certain small things that would be advised to me to focus more on my daily activities. Every session with her was very insightful and I could introspect myself more after each and every session. Through these sessions I was able to focus more on myself and now with all the help and motivation I'm doing lot better in my life. Heartfelt thanks to my counsellor for helping me out and staying with me during difficult times.